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PRESS RELEASE July 7, 2016

New York Radio Icon and Author John Nuckel Begins Book Tour on Radio Show Anniversary!

International Radio Tours presents Radio Show Host and Author John Nuckel on a New Book Tour starting today July 7, 2016 to December 7, 2016.

“Wake Up and Dream” Radio Show originally aired as “Don’t Give Up Your Day Dream” was first broadcast on July 7, 2015 with John Nuckel as the Host and creator for the idea of the show. The first broadcast featured the famous writer David Lender known for his Best Selling thrillers who set the high profile stage with many New York Icons to follow. The show encourages and inspires people to hold onto their dreams and not to give up despite adversity and challenges life throws at you along the way. “John Nuckel is a natural Host and has created a great concept with unique features within the show.” Commented Lady Selah SuJuris; Program Director of Storytellers Campfire who has worked with John over the past few years on a variety of radio programs.

Radio Broadcasting and Tour Company; International Radio Tours launched the beginning of a series of events for the Radio Show Host John Nuckel to feature his own books and promote the inspirational radio program. International Radio Tours is a platform and coordinator for professionals to get the word about their work and engage the public. International Radio Tours primarily focuses on radio broadcasting tours but co-manages the tours with Storytellers Campfire to set up in person events and presentations for clients. The next six months is set up for promoting John Nuckel through radio and some in person events this fall with a few surprises along the way for followers and fans of his show and books.

You can follow the Tour by going to www.internationalradiotours.org and learn more about John Nuckel visit his website at www.johnnuckel.com and there are links to the radio show or you can visit online at www.wakeupanddream.org

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Radio Show Host John Nuckel Announces Where to Find The Famous "BLACK JACK" Ryan on Saturday, Feb 20, and Sun Feb 21, 2016

New York, United States, February 19. 2016- "Black Jack" Ryan is a New York Basketball icon with numerous awards. He is so famous that everyone wants to know where he is and what he is doing at every moment of his life. He is a famous Hoop Wizard and known as Black Jack # 21 for his basketball games' halftime entertainment show.

Jack Ryan, as he is popularly referred to, is a Real Half-Time Showstopper, performing 5 to 7 minutes of basketball tricks, spinning 9 basketballs at once. He has performed for the Knicks, Pacers, Celtics, Mavericks, Raptors, Hornets, 76ers and many Colleges plus final four appearances and NBA all Star events and also with His 12 years old daughter in the NY Knicks halftime show.

On Saturday, Feb 20, and Sunday, Feb 21 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time on XRQK Los Angeles and XRQK Media Group Stations, Jack will appear on the ‘’Don’t Give Up Your Day Dream’’ Radio Show with Host John Nuckel. It is a Radio Show that plays host to most famous NY icons and Jack will not be left out. On the Radio Show a Special Announcement will be made for fans and listeners how they can register to WIN a Signed Basketball by Black Jack # 21. The winner of the Basketball will be announced on March 3rd show at 11:00 AM and posted on the website after the show.

This show promises to be exciting as the following Radio Stations will air the Broadcast:

XRQK Media Group Stations; Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Las Vegas NV, Bullhead City/Phoenix, Kingman AZ, Tampa FL, New York-New Jersey

AV News Talk Antelope Valley, CA

KNJO Thousand Oaks, CA 8:00 PM PT

Storytellers Campfire Radio

International Radio Tours

Links to all broadcast will be on the Don’t Give up Your Day Dream website. http://dontgiveupyourdaydream.webs.com/

People have until March 1, to sign up on the website to enter into the draw to win the signed basketball by Jack Ryan.

Debut Show Press Release

Successful Businessman, Award Winning Author, John Nuckel Launches New Radio Show

Award Winning Author; John Nuckel will Host Radio Show, Debut Launch is Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 12:00 Noon on XRQK Los Angeles

Storytellers Campfire Radio continually expands year after year, hence the New Show, "Don't Give Up Your Day Dream" which will air on XRQK Los Angeles, part of XRQK Broadcasting Group.

"The New Radio Show; "Don't Give Up Your Day Dream" has been in the works for months and will be Hosted by businessman, author, blogger, financial columnist; John Nuckel and managed and directed by Storytellers Campfire Radio. The show will follow a similar format of interviewing guest on the program but the show is not just about the guest and their work, it is also about transitions. The new show's tag line is; "Transitions in a transitioning world." John Nuckel comments on the show: "What was once a reliable path to a successful career has become a maze where every turn could lead to a beautiful garden or a dead end. You will need patience; diligence and lot of hard work to navigate your way; or maybe a big machete to cut through the brush. A little guidance would not hurt either. “Don’t give up your Daydream’ is for all of you that are facing or will be facing transitions in your career and life. We will also talk about art, music, literature, and the role they play in your transition. Maybe you’ll have a few laughs while you’re at it."

John will have guests who have been there and come out the other side. The new host John Nuckel also has been through the maze. A private-equity advisor and award-winning author, John has gone from screaming in the trading pits of downtown Manhattan to speaking from the podium in the private clubs of midtown.

Join listeners from around the world for this for the Debit launch on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time, when John welcomes David Lender, a former investment banker and now best-selling author. David’s unique experience of starting at the bottom after a long successful career is a compelling story about taking a step back to move forward.

In August, Lois Barth will join John for a motivating and energizing show. An in demand career counselor and motivational speaker, Lois overcame extreme anxiety and self-doubt. Published in the New York Times and Self-magazine, Lois, referred to as the “Transformational Monster’ for her powerful motivational style.

"This is the era of change and when John shared his idea for the show we embraced it and look forward to working with John on this new venture. We have had John as guest on the Author's Voice program and he is always enjoyable to listen to and has meaningful things to share," commented Program Director Lady Selah SuJuris.

To learn more about the show visit online at storytellerscampfire.org or johnnuckelauthor.com

Storytellers Campfire will provide direct links form their website to the Live Broadcast on XRQK Los Angeles.